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Over the years, Judy made many attempts to fix her teeth. Starting with braces when she was a child to correct crooked teeth, she saw many dentists and orthodontists over the years but couldn’t find a dentist who could give her a beautiful smile full of straight teeth she knew was possible.

“My middle school braces did what they needed to do,” she said. “But my teeth are big and my mouth is not that big, so more issues were on the way.“ When her wisdom teeth came in, they crowded her teeth even more before they were removed. Then, a high school cheerleading accident complicated everything. “I was catching one of the girls and her head came down right in my mouth, loosening my four front teeth. I didn’t lose any teeth but blood flow was cut off to one tooth and now I had a front tooth that was darker than the rest.”

Through her adult life, Judy found several creative ways to disguise the issues with her teeth in pictures but she kept looking for a dentist who could offer a solution. “I’ve always been confident person,” Judy said. “I just wanted to have a smile where I knew people weren’t distracted by my teeth.

When she finally sat down with her husband’s friend, Stephen Hill, DDS, she finally got some of the answers she was seeking.


After examining Judy’s teeth, Dr. Hill and Judy talked about Judy’s options. Dr. Hill used computer-generated pictures to explain hypothetical results for Judy. “Dr. Hill just sits down and explains things like a real person on a level that is understandable for everybody,” Judy described her consultation.

“You just don’t get that everywhere. I have seen my fair share of dentists and orthodontics and I have always felt like they consistently talk medical language to me. I’m a banker… You are going to have to break this down into different terms. Dr. Hill makes a conscious effort to explain things in plain terms and visuals. It really made the difference for me in choosing a treatment,” she said.

Dr. Hill discussed many options for Judy including porcelain veneers. After reviewing all the options Dr. Hill could provide, Judy chose a treatment plan of fast braces, clear correct invisible braces and laser gum reshaping. Judy put in a year on the treatment plan with hopes of having the beautiful smile that had eluded her all her life thus far.


“The day I got my braces off and Dr. Hill did laser treatment on my gums, it literally brought me to tears with joy,” Judy said. “After three rounds of orthodontics, I finally have the smile I have always wanted!” “And, I love my smile!” Judy says now after treatment. I love that I don‘t feel like people are staring at my teeth in a critical way and that I can stand anywhere in a photo! I love that confidence that I didn’t have before!”

Judy’s dental treatment by Dr. Hill was a complete success. With straight teeth that are featured better following gum reshaping, Judy smiles with confidence and makes a point of referring Dr. Hill.

“Dr. Hill and his team did such an amazing job, I tell everyone!” Judy said. “Everyone should know how easily he explains things to you and what he can do aesthetically for your smile. He really did an unbelievable job for me!”

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