Most people will agree that white fillings look much better and more natural than the dark gray or black amalgam fillings you see in the teeth of many older people. But, looking better is only a good side-benefit for this kind of filling because white fillings, or composite filings, are much healthier than old metal fillings.

Composite fillings are made of a non-metal ceramic resin. This resin has many superior qualities to metal, amalgam fillings including the fact that it does not leech mercury. The grey metal amalgam fillings are composed with mercury, a toxic metal. Over time, mercury can leak from an amalgam filling into your system. This is why composite fillings are the standard of care.

We only place composite fillings but I often see patients with old amalgam fillings. It is also not uncommon for those patients to want us to replace an old metal fillings with a new composite filling. Many will be prompted to do this for simply cosmetic reasons, which is just fine. As long as we are working toward removing amalgam fillings and making sure you only get composite moving forward, we are moving in the right direction for your dental care.

And, yes, it looks much better. Usually, you can’t even tell dental work was done.

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