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The White You'll Wear Long After the Big Day

The month of April kicks off wedding season, and there is one thing everyone should be thinking about as they prepare to participate in an event that will be captured in photographs and remembered forever. Members of the wedding party may not be able to pick out their own dress or suit, but they do get to choose the brightness of their smiles. Who doesn’t want to be remembered forever with a dazzling white smile? 

Dr. Stephen Hill offers Zoom whitening treatments as just one of the cosmetic dental options available at our offices in Allen. Unfortunately, too many of life’s little indulgences we all enjoy – red wine, chocolate, coffee, cola – is that over time they stain teeth, and it can be hard to keep a perfect white smile, even with the most diligent brushing and flossing routine.

Zoom whitening can be performed at home or in our office, and Dr. Hill offers options for a variety of budgets. For the best results, Dr. Hill recommends an in-office whitening treatment. One of our dental hygienists will give you a professional cleaning to ensure that any discolored plaque or debris that affects the color of your teeth is polished away so the canvass we start with is your own natural white.  Dr. Hill will then paint on the Zoom bleaching gel to whiten your teeth. Under the heat of an LED lamp, the bleaching gel is activated and bonds with your natural teeth.  Depending upon your teeth, the end result will be between 3 to 8 shades whiter than before your whitening treatment

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