Sedation dentistry is an option that has been growing in popularity for children and adults with anxiety about dental work or who need an extensive amount of work done. At Hill Dental Studio we offer nitrous oxide sedation that can take the edge off of patients with anxiety, or for those who have their own ride home, we can offer a deeper sedation through a prescribed oral medication.

Many patients have had painful or traumatic experiences that have caused them to avoid keeping up with regular dental cleanings and maintenance, only coming in when they have a tooth ache more painful than their anticipation of the dentist’s drill. Using mild sedation like nitrous oxide gives patients a simple outpatient experience in which they are mildly sedated and returned to full alertness before they leave.

Patients who use nitrous oxide sedation to curb their anxiety often find that advances in dentistry make the experience far less dramatic than they anticipate, and are more willing to keep routine appointments to maintain their future dental health.

Oral sedatives provide an excellent option for those who require extensive work that may take a couple of hours, or for those who have trouble remaining still in the dentist’s chair.